The measuring of radioacive and poisonous elements in the Shahroud basin

Category Environmetal Geology
Group GSI.IR
Location 23th symposium on geosciences
Holding Date 05 May 2008

      Sometimes the range of environmental pollutants in geological formation maybe more than global accepted criteria . There for a project of environmental studies in Shahrood ? Bastam has been conducted in order to recognize the quality of effect of geological pollutant on soil, water and man kind healthy so that through statement of problem warm to responsibilities of these cities and offer an executive projection for encountering and reducing environmental pollutants .110 samples of various formation in a domain of 2700 have been collected for conducting this important issue . the mentioned samples have been examined with fluorescent experiments of X- ray and atomic absorption .Regarding to acceptable criteria in (European union ) united nation and and data banks including WHO ,EPA ,NIOSH ,MSDS , banks it has been cleared that authorized limitation of pollution elements like arsenic ,cadmium and sulphur. In this rustication is more than authorized limitation . It`s necessary to for cast strategies regarding to large expansion of formation like char coal sediments (shemshak)- (to140 ppm arsenic) ,Eocene volcanic (countaning cadmium 7 more than authorized limitation ) and neogene that is sulphure reach 60000 ppm . It`s better to take necessary measurements in this area through giving priority to geochemical ? environmental plans as instruction .

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