Sediment yield of the Jaje-Rud drainage basin on Latian Dam

Category Hydrogeology
Group GSI.IR
Location 23th symposium on geosciences
Holding Date 05 May 2008

      Jaje-Rud River is located in 30 km northeast of Tehran, running from source at northwest toward downhill at southeast, discharges into the Latian Dam reservoir. The length of river is 40 km with 710 km2 drainage area. It?s average slop is 4% and consist of 7 sub basin including Kond, Amameh, Ahar, Garmabdareh, Lavarak, Meygoon and Afjah. The mean rainfall in this basin is about 500 mm. Density coefficient of the Lavarak sub-basin with 1.52 Gravelius coefficients is the most elongate sub-basin and Meygoon sub-basin with 1.01 Gravelius cofficient is the most dense sub-basin in the study area. According to the time of concentration, length and slope of the main tributary, the watershed protection activities in the Ahar sub-basin will give the best results. According to the measured data including the sediment concentration and water discharge during the 1346-1372 in the Jaje-Rud river and statistical Multiregression analysis it is found that the following fitted equation for prediction of sediment yield in the basin is the best estimate of sediment yield equation for Jaje-Rud river.
   where Qs is sediment yeild, and Qw is the water discharge rate.

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