The role of geological and hydrogeological studies for locating new proper water supply wells in Seidoon area.

Category Hydrogeology
Group GSI.IR
Location 23th symposium on geosciences
Holding Date 05 May 2008

      Seidoon county in South-east of Bagh-e malek city (in north-east of khouzestan), is located between big Kuh-e sefid anticline and small Felash and Lacoom anticlines.Due to the fact that the only existing deep well in this county has bad quality, hence to study the reasons of this problem and also to identify locations with good yield and better quality , the mentioned region has been choosen in this paper.
   First by using review of geological map of the region and various field trips to the area, water reservoir rock , type of aquifer and its bedrock was determined.Then with the use of aireal photographs and field inspections, the existing joint systems in aquifer and its extend was reviewed.At the end the connection of aquifer with existing vaporative formation in the region(Gachsaran formation) was analysed and with due regards to springs quality review and the only existing drilled well in the region, the best location for drilling of new proper water supply wells was determined.
   The results of this research would show that aquifer of Seidoon region is of unconfined type and is produced due to karstified Asmary formatin.Its bedrock is pabdeh formation.the system of transverse tensile joints in Asmari formation cause the drainage of existing water in aquifer towards downstream of region.Gachsaran formation which is located adjustant to Asmari formation, acts as a barrier against the underground water flow toward downstream and change in aquifer flow direction towards North-west of region and create of various springs in this part of the some location where the Gachsaran formation has been erroded, unsuitable underground water moves toward downstream.At the end, with considering all hydrogeological and hydrochemical investigation, it was concluded the North-West of the region near to the plung of Lacoom anticline, is best place, with respect to quantity and quality consideration, for locating new water suplly in the Seidoon area.