Geochemistry and Tectonic Setting Of The Northwest Saveh Granitoids

Category Petrology
Group GSI.IR
Location 23th symposium on geosciences
Holding Date 05 May 2008

      The granitoidic intrusion of northwest Saveh with age 39.2 3.2 m.y(upper Eocene- Oligocene) are locate in Uromeyeh- dokhtar magmatic arc of central Iran structural zone.these intrusions composed of a contineous compositional spectrum including: diorite, quartzdiorite, monzodiorite, monzonite, granodiorite, monzogranite and alkai granite intruded into the Eocene volcanic and volcano-sedimentary rocks.
   Variation diagram trends of major and trace elements indicate that these rocks have contineous compositional spectrum and they are formed from differentation of a basic magma. All samples are metaluminous with medium-high K calc-alcaline nature. High values of Rb,Sr,K,U,Th,Zr and Ba and high ratios of K/Rb and Fe/Mg indicate the similarity of these rocks with the rocks of continental margin magmatic arcs. Depletion in Nb,P,Rb,Th and Ti and enrichment in K,Sr,Pb and Ba are obvious in the spider diagrams of these samples. These enrichment in LILE and depletion in HFSE are the indicator of I-type metaluminous magmatism in volcanic arcs(VAG). The discrimination tectonic settings diagrams, also confirm this tectonic environment.