Petrology and tectonic setting of north Vanadar dome (NE of Qazvin)

Category Petrology
Group GSI.IR
Location 23th symposium on geosciences
Holding Date 05 May 2008

      The studied area is located in the 30 km of the NE of Qazvin and it is a part of South skirt of central Alborz mountains.
   Igneous rocks especially Karaj paleogene formation are main outcrops in this area. There is a dome like complex of volcanic rocks with the composition of trachy-dacite, dacite, rhyodacite and rhyolite within the tuffs so that these rocks are placed in calc-alkaline in magmatic series and is placed in meta-aluminous portion from aluminum saturation point of view.
   The results of investigation trace elements, tectonic setting plots and spider plots indicate that the parent magmas of these rocks are related to the subduction in active continental margin.

tags: QAZVIN