The evaluation of alteration system presents in salt domes igneous rocks - south of Iran(case study of gachin,.kong,bostane,hasine salt domes)

Category Petrology
Group GSI.IR
Location 23th symposium on geosciences
Holding Date 05 May 2008

      Alteration effects observed in more salt domes igneous rocks in south of iran.alteration process consideration and the change of case over orginal rocks needs to careful evaluation and recognition of altered minerals and physical ,chimical properties of the alter fluid phase.aboundant presence of fracture and void in igneous rocks that filled by secondry mineral such as quartz,epidote,cholorite,oligiste is other effect of fluid peneteration into the igneous rocks from this channels.generally,mineralogy point of view ,there is two groups of veins in salt domes: a:viens filled by oligiste,b:viens and microfractures presents in igneous rocks,this veins filled by minerals such as cholorite,epidote,calcite and albite.
   Several mineralogical effects and evidences presents for the different igneous rocks alteration that exists in salt domes.for example,submarine alteration take place severely in salt domes basalts and changed rocks mineralogical face.although,there is very changes in the other attentive of present evidences,hydrothermal system that exists in this region approximatly is similar to hydrothermal system presents in the oceanic rifts.alteratin main factor of igneous rocks in this regin is upper seawaters penetration from fracture and channels into the acidic and basic rocks product in this rift system.our purpose in this study is attempt to study of rock alteration and its origin in basis of petrographic, mineralogy and field evidences in the rocke of this region.
   Words key:alteration,igneous rocks,salt dome,rift,south of iran.