The study of petrography and geochemistry of Bibi Maryam granitoidic mountain (Afzal Abad-Nehbandan)

Category Petrology
Group GSI.IR
Location 23th symposium on geosciences
Holding Date 05 May 2008

      Bibi Maryam granitoidic mountain located in east of Iran ophiolite mnge belt and at sistan structural zone.The foregoing mass have considerable petrographic variety and form from tonalite,trondhjemite,granodiorite,and quartzdiorite.dikes with trondhjemite porphyry composition and sometimes pegmatitic quartz vein cut the foregoing units.plagioclase which is one of principal and abound constructors of consider rocks,have albite-oligoclase composition. In some plagioclases zoning is exist
   That illustrative absence equilibrium during crystallization. Intensity of alteration in center of crystals is exceed and illustrative calcic composition of this part of crystals.predominant mafic mineral in tonalite and granodiorite is biotite and at quartzdiorite inclusive hornblend and biotite.common textures are inclusive granular and cataclastic and at granodiorite myrmeckitic texture also visible. The generative magma of rocks was calc-alkaline and metaluminous-peraluminous.results of field, petrography and geochemical investigations illustrative that most character of Bibi Maryam granitoidic mountain is comparable with I-type granites.from view of tectonic position is from type of volcanic arc granitoids(VAG).