Investigation of compression and shearing base on the structural and geomorphological studies in Nojion area (S.E Khoramabad)

Category Tectonic & Seismotectonic
Group GSI.IR
Location 23th symposium on geosciences
Holding Date 05 May 2008

      The region in wich is aunder investigation is locatied 30 km away in the southeast of khoramabad has two parts , on with northwest ?trend and the oder with north- south trend.results of stucturel and geomorphological studies show that amount of compression and sharing isn?t equal in this areas.structural researchs was based on:folds, faults,joints and lineations studies.Rose diagrams and contour digrams were drown and streographic analysis were done. Base on this studies two series of structural elements distinguished and trend of main displacement sector was northwest-southwest.
   Amont of compressing and shearing dpend on kind of trending of structural elements to trend of main displacement sector.The northwest-southeast structural elements are more efects by compression and the other one with north-south trend , the shearing components is predominant. Geomorphological evidence also complate this results. Because in part with northwest-southeast trend vertical erosion in valleys is very important.and cross section of valley are V shap.many of fault scarpments are existing in mauntain baundaries whit northwest-southeast trend.amount of revers sinusity is low but amount of dip indey is high.different of level is very high between valley s floor and neighbore terrans. While in part of erea with norh-south trend deformation on shering,and cross section of valleys are U shape .amount of rivers sinusity in this part is high but dip index isintermediate . weth were structural and geomorphological evidences explained diffrerent between amount of compression and shearing in south to southwest this area.