Exploration of Evaporative Saline in Middle Playa ofGreat Kavir

Category Economic geology & mineral exploration
Group GSI.IR
Location 21th symposium on geosciences
Holding Date 21 May 2008

      The great Kavir set in the central of Iran and is contained of 3 playas. These playas oriented in north-south direction (Gansser, 1955). The middle playa named northern Khour playa that it has about 1089 km2 survey. At the beginning, topographic, geological maps and photo map of this area was studied. Then playa networked & built roads and then drilled exploration pits. The numbers of pits are about 263. One sample took from each pit in every season & measured amounts of PH, density & temperature & date for every sample. The K percent was determined in laboratory of potash exploration and determined Na, Mg, Ca, Li, Cl & SO4 for some of samples. K alteration diagrams & determined elements drew for every pit in all of seasons. Also isograde maps of determined elements designed for K, Ca, Li, Mg and depth of brine level in pits in all of seasons. Alteration diagram of K, Ca, Li, Mg & depth of brine pits have a direct ratio with density and reverse ratio with PH. Na and Cl alteration diagram have direct ratio in first, and then reverse ratio with density. Average concentration of K, Na, Ca, Mg, Li, Cl & SO4 are respectively 1444.83ppm, 84.112g/lit, 22.65g/lit, 4.07g/lit, 0.23ppm, 276.69g/lit & 953.35ppm in year. Average of density, water level, brine temperature & PH are respectively 1.203g/cm3, -21.24cm, 20.44 ?c, 6.45 in year.

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