Genesis and Economical Evaluation in Candy Gold Ore

Category Economic geology & mineral exploration
Group GSI.IR
Location 21th symposium on geosciences
Holding Date 21 May 2008

      Gandy gold deposit is located in 15km northeast of Moalleman village, south east of Damghan City.
   This area belongs to central Iran Zone and located between two major Faults, Torud fault in south and Angilu fault in North.
   The host rock consist of alternation of tuff, sandy tuff, siltstone, and marl, which belongs to upper Eocene age, this sequence is thin bedded in the lower part, thin to medium bedded in the medium part, and medium to thin bedded in the upper part. To North, the sequence separate from volcano sedimentary and volcanic rock with a fault. Toward south, it?s covered by Quaternary deposits, the area separated to two parts, East and west, by an alluvial fan.
   The major faults and fractures systems trended northeast ? southwest. Other faults and fractured systems trended to northwest ? southeast and north ? south.
   With the penetration of hydrothermal solution in fractures and fault systems which trending northeast ? southwest, the gold veins are formed, and the host rocks are altered (Kaolinitized, silicified and limonitized). The veins are of silica and brecciated, and have yellow to brown color in surface, due to iron Oxides. The veins have galena, sphalrite, pyrite, pyrrhotite, linnaeite, violarite, borrnonite, glaucodote, and malachite, Azurite, silver and gold.
   In this project, a Mining ? geological map with 1:500 scale was prepared, and more than 110 veins with 5833 long and average thickness of 0.5 m identify. The total length of the veins is 583m (4237.5 in the eastern part and 1595.5m in the western part). The maximum grade of gold in the veins is 285 ppm and average grade for eastern part veins in 5.80 ppm and for western part veins in 21.23 ppm (average grade for both parts veins are 10.02 ppm).
   The total reserve which calculated for these deposits to 15m depth from the surface, are 1.20 tons.

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