Jalal Abad Iron Deposit; Exampel of Hydrithermal Iron Deposits

Category Economic geology & mineral exploration
Group GSI.IR
Location 21th symposium on geosciences
Holding Date 21 May 2008

      Jalal Abad iron deposit is located in 38 km in Northwest of Zarand town in Kerman province. It contains 200Mt iron ore with average chemical composition of Fe=%45 S=%1.18 and P=%0.08. Iron mineralization occurs in a volcanic-sedimentary sequence of Rizu series. Small intrusive bodies of microgabbro, diabase, and dioritic dykes and sills are outcropped in the area. Dykes and sills are injected in volcani-clastic and sedimentary rocks. Existing evidences indicate that they are older or simultaneous with iron mineralization. Iron mineralization at Jalal Abad is deep and its outcrop is scarce. The main ore mineral is magnetite, which is located in depth, and it has been oxidized to hematite in higher levels and along the fractures. Fluid inclusion investigation in quartz shows that inclusions are three-phase (L+V+S) with halite as a solid phase. Homogenization temperature varies from 280 to 450 ?C and salinity varies from 37 up to 51 NaCl % wt equivalents. The characteristics of iron mineralization at Jalal Abad are comparable to hydrothermal type iron deposits. Iron mineralization in Jalal Abad is related to intra-continental rift and probably the source of mineralizing fluid is from sodic alkaline magmatism that is related to uplift of asthenosphere and partial melting of mantel.

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