Mineral potentials & promising area in Oshnavieh

Category Economic geology & mineral exploration
Group GSI.IR
Location 21th symposium on geosciences
Holding Date 21 May 2008

      Oshnavieh and Silvaneh sheets are located at S-SW of Orumieh and at Khoy-Mahabad tectonic zone. In this region rock units have Precambrian- Recent age accompany with several hiatus. Plutonic bodies are acidic?ultramafic in composition and upper Cretaceous in age. Au-Cu-Zn mineralization along with silicic ?carbonate alteration have occurred in upper cretaceous ophiolite melange, geometry is vein shape and grade of Au change between 0.3-36ppm .Hg mineralization with disseminated texture has occurred in silicic listvenite formed in ophiolite melange complex. Diasporic lateritic bauxite deposits have been formed in Permian carbonate sequence. Magnesite mineralization with vein shape geometry has occurred in ultramafic unit of ophiolite ? melange complex, grade of MgO is %42.5. Fe-mineralization, with lenticular geometry and noticeable grade and tonage are occurred in Precambrian sequence; including slate and phylite. W-mineralization with vein shape geometry and grade of 2600 ppm has occurred in S-type granitic intrusive with upper Cretaceous in age. Besides, important heavy mineral anomalies have been recorded for scheellite. Ti-mineralization with illmenite and rutile minerals disseminated. Texture and grade of %4.5 for TiO2 took place in gabbroic intrusive with Upper Cretaceous age, this are supported by heavy mineral anomalies. Phlogopite mineralization, with grade of %20 has been formed in altered part of pridotie intrusive with upper cretaceous age. Besides, this region has good potential for micronized dolomite, silica, building and ornamental stones, limestone and marl for using in cement industry. In resulting, four areas including poly-metal of Au-Cu-Zn-Hg, Fe, Ti and W are suggested for exploration.