The last findings of Torghabeh gold deposit Koozekanani

Category Economic geology & mineral exploration
Group GSI.IR
Location 21th symposium on geosciences
Holding Date 21 May 2008

      The Torghabeh gold deposit locates in the 8km west of Mashhad town, north east of Iran.
   Old mining tunnels on ore bodies are seen.Following explorative activities in semi-detailed & detailed phases has been done:
   -Surveying of geological ? topographic map with the scale of 1:1000
   -Digging of 71 exploration trenches
   -Drilling 20 boreholes with total depth of 1500 m
   -Sampling 650 samples in total from outcrops, trenches, tunnels, & boreholes & analysis for gold determination, study of 60 polish sections & 31 thin sections, & 14 XRD samples.
   -Processing analysis in the laboratory scale on a 500 kg sample.
   The studied area is situated in Binalud structural zone & is formed mainly of granite mass and metamorphosed rocks embracing the granites. Mineralization mainly occurs in two brecciated ductile Zone with NW-SE trend & dip of 75-85 degree to SW from 550 to 880 m length & 0.5 to 20m thickness among upper Jurassic biotite granite mass & also in the metamorphosed rocks near the contact of granitic mass with metamorphites. High grade gold is accompanied with arsenopyrite & pyrite. The reserve of deposit mainly to depth of 40-50 meters was calculated 2.2 tons.
   The highest grade of gold (56.2 ppm) was measured in borehole BH10 in southern part of deposit. Mineralized Zones have been oxidized to depth of 50 to 60 m that is 90 percent of mineralized zones. Processing analysis showed 94% for recovery of gold is possible.