Geological study about suitability of building a proposalDam In Aliabad-e-Damagh

Category Engineering Geology
Group GSI.IR
Location 21th symposium on geosciences
Holding Date 21 May 2008

      Aliabad is located in Hamedan geological framework. It is located in the northwest of Zagros metamorphic zone, which expands from rock characteristics of the studied area, are influenced from geological evolution. In order to overcome the water shortage in the region, a dam is proposed to build in Aliabad. The dam is supposed to be built with the following dimensions; a crest length of 130 m, the height of dam would go up to 12 m, a height width of 6 m, the dam would have a reservoir length of 424 m with the approximate volume of 142000 m3 and the bed slope is about %5.61. In this paper, we are about to consider and discuss the geological suitability of building such a dam in the studied area. At present, reservoir area is possessed to the villagers and its present land use is dry farming. As for water rights, the farmers of Aliabad possess only a third of the rights. Geotechnically, the soil of the studied area is quite non-cohesive and unconsolidatable. These are originally derived from metamorphic-hornfels rocks, which are quite unstable with high permeability, so incase of any increase in hydraulic pressure liquefaction will be increased. Therefore, there is a high risk of piping occurrence, if the dam is to be built in the site. It is concluded that geologically, it is not relevant to build such a dam in the proposed site and area.