Stability Analysis and Designing of Support for Dez-Ghomroud water transition Tunnel

Category Engineering Geology
Group GSI.IR
Location 21th symposium on geosciences
Holding Date 21 May 2008

      The plan of water transition by tunnel, starts from the first part of the Dez River, is one of the international projects. It will be done in order to provide the necessary soft water for the some cities (such as Qom, Gholpaygan, Delijan, Mahallat and Khomain) which are situated in the Lurestan, Esfahan and centeral provinces in Iran.
   In this study, the second part of the tunnel from point of view of engineering geology and general geology, has been studied for this aim, the area has been divided to several zones and engineering rock mass classification has been done for each zones. In addition, tunnel analysis stability was carried out. According to the results of stability analysis, the sufficient system support has been designed.
   Based on the data of the zonation the critical zones will be Z1, Z2 and Z6. In these zones, if a tunnel with the span of 5m will be drilled, the stand up time for it will not be enough for drilling, supporting and ventilation. For this reason, the proposed drilling system in Z1, Z6 zones will be non-machine, but for the zone Z2 which can be drilled with the TBM.

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