Studding of Engineering Characteristics of HezardareConlomerate in Lavarak underground Power plant

Category Engineering Geology
Group GSI.IR
Location 21th symposium on geosciences
Holding Date 21 May 2008

      Hezardareh formation composed of conglomerate materials with weak cement has covered a wide area in south Alborz where several civil projects have performed. Founding the engineering and geology properties of materials have an important effect on the assessment their material behavior, and consequently on effective performance of engineering projects.
   Material grading shows that most of them have good grading and they are mostly classified as GC and SC in unified classificated and grouped in A-2-6 and A-2-7 groups in AASHTO classification. Porosity mean of these deposits,is %17, their natural density is 2.25 kg/cm2 and their solid density is 2.62 kg/cm2, their liquid limit is about %33, permeability mean is 7.5?10-3 cm/s, their uniaxial compress strength of these samples is less than 4 Mpa and the range of their elasticity modulus is less than 4000 kg/cm2. In deer and miller classification, these deposits are grouped as EL; point load index mean is 3 Mpa. The mean of internal friction angle is about 30? and cohesive strength mean is 40 kg/cm2.
   The high sensitivity of these deposits to the change of water content caused uniaxial and triaxial compress strength, density, elasticity modulus, point load index and shear strength to decrease remarkable because of the increase in water content.

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