Study of Geological Engineering Borrow Fountain of Googsar Pier Breakwater Construction

Category Engineering Geology
Group GSI.IR
Location 21th symposium on geosciences
Holding Date 21 May 2008

      Whereas the type of borrow fountain, the amount of mine deposits and the distance from the site, have great importance in commercial standpoint, the effective investigation performed in Googsar region to detect favorite mines and determine desirable parameters to use in it?s breakwater construction. This research includes of detection of 5 mines in 70km radius of the site and sampling materials to examine if their characteristics match with standard specifications suggested by other researchers. These tests consist of physical characteristics, grading, and Los Angeles test, and AIV value, soundness of rock, durability, point load test and uniaxial compressive strength. Generally, on the basis of these results and comparing with standard values, the most percentage of materials belong to the studied area, which made of Lomachell limestone, are not eligible to use in breakwater structure. With respect to the fact that the mines with favorite quality are poor-stocked and the others, which are well stocked, have low quality. Their specifications are lower than the standard limits, the rocks in these regions must be used in outside of the tide action, e.g.: In upper or lower level of ebb and flow fluctuations. For sensitive parts of the construction, the rocks with good quality have to be carried from far distances or before-made concrete pieces in tetra-pad shape, could be used.
   Keywords: Breakwater, Borrow fountain, Soundness, Durability, Durability, Lomachell.