Introduction of Mining Potential Listvenite Bearing Gold,In 1:100000 Birjand Sheet by Using of New Methids in Remote Sensing

Category GIS & Remote sensing
Group GSI.IR
Location 21th symposium on geosciences
Holding Date 24 May 2008

      The sheet of Birjand (1:100000) is located in east of Iran and south of Khorasan province. In many location of the region, listvenitization process is observed in a large scale, which some of that is also benefiting from an economic value. According to the studies, have been determined that ores and potentials have veins or veined filling of gashes and pore spaces mineralization type .This listvevnite according to vein composition have been divided to 3 groups of Siliceous, carbonaceous and siliceous - carbonaceous .This research has done in order to manifestation objectives of this research, is manifestation segregation and classification of listvenitized part of the region, by processing of satellite images (Landsat TM-5). During this research, we have used Band Ratio, filters, as well as benefiting from Principal Component Analysis (PCA) and Crosta method.The results achieved by field visiting and laboratorial studies, significantly indicate the authenticity and precision of project consequences.