Prediction of drainage Effects on Shiraz Aquifer by usage Of mathematical model Visual Modflow V.2.6 Software

Category Hydrogeology
Group GSI.IR
Location 21th symposium on geosciences
Holding Date 24 May 2008

      Mathematical models are useful management tools for aquifer studies and also for predication of the effects of different hydrological and hydrogeological stresses. In Shiraz plain a series of drains were designed in order to lower the high level of ground water table and after the groundwater mounding in the region. The drainage installations have been begun since 2001. In order to predict the effect of the designed drains on lowering the groundwater table in a part of Shiraz plain, a mathematical model was designed.
   Therefore, after providing the conceptual model, the mathematical model was established. Water table of October 1993 was selected as an initial head. Time of calibration and verification period was 760 days and 546 days respectively. After calibration and verification, the model was used for assessment of aquifer response to different strategies (result from drain installation) in future year 2003 and 2013. The results obtained from the strategies show that the draw down increases with time and with the numbers of the drains and also, the results show that after a specific time, the draw down time curve will have a horizontal shape. At the end, the equilibrium time was calculated for different strategies.

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