Study and Variety Selection and Effective Factors In Flotation of Shahindej Phosphate

Category Mineral processing
Group GSI.IR
Location 21th symposium on geosciences
Holding Date 24 May 2008

      In a competitive technology of today selection of effective process in a short time and it?s worthy is one of the important matter to withstand in economic stage .In the other hand increase in cost of research programs and adopting of methods which give the optimum results with least test are necessary. Using test design method for achieving these goals has been expanded since two decades. In comparing with other methods, Taguchi test design method, while bearing these characters, has more extended applications advanced.
   In this paper, using qualitek-4 software with the help of Taguchi test design method, the different effects on flotation process of Shahindej phosphate ores, were studied. Study of 7 effective factors on phosphate floatation reveal that the highest recovery from this process (92.31% estimated from software & 89.23% estimated from assurance test) will be obtained when the PH, collector used (fatty acid), frothier used (pine oil), depressant (starch), particle size (-14, +200), condition time, flotation time respectively are; 8.5, 15gr/ton, 22gr/ton, 20gr/ton, 100%, 7min, 6min.
   Keywords: Test design, Taguchi method, Flotation, Shahindej phosphate, Qualitek-4 software.