Sedimentology of the Taleghan water shed basin withSpecial perceplion to sediment yield of the formations

Category Sedimentology
Group GSI.IR
Location 21th symposium on geosciences
Holding Date 24 May 2008

      Nowadays we can not find regions in the earth which dosnot expose to the erosion. the river flows usually soil erosion and carrying sediments. These are deposed in every suitable places. Moreover erosion and scale of that for the reason of existing reservoir dam on Taleghan river are the most important factors in Taleghan basin. Information of how erosion and lithologic case and capacity of giving sediment to theformations of the region and ability of carring sediments in different flood channel of the river basin are the case that shoul be noticed. Calculations of dead volume of the stores from the filling sediment point of view or actions of sieving(sediment) or drawing small basin of blocking sediment and taking granular channels and ?all of them are on the basins of sedimentology informations.
   The presen thes is includes the method of studing sedimentology and studing the sensitive of formations of the erosion in Taleghan region.
   The basin is situated within the south part of central Alborz montains. Minimal and maximal temperture are 5 c and 20 c in year.This(place)have precipitations6-8 month in year.Taleghan river has W-E strike whit the northern and southern sub-basin,that every of them are larg ones. we study sedimentlogy of Taleghan river basin.
   Firstly in this research we carefully study the region and them sampling the maindevision of that river. And after doing sedimentology experiments of them to drow granular curves and to calculate the main statiscal parameters of sedimentology such as MZ, ,ski. The study is distinguished most samples,with average size of grain (MZ) are positive,inclusive graphic standard deviation( ) is bad and very bad and inclusive graphic skewness(Ski) is fine &strongly fine. Thus the sediment yield of the formation having a mark Upper Red formation are very sensitive and Lalun & Karag formation are resitance formation in the basin. Thus calculation of sediment yield coefficient distinguished Orazan & Dizan sub basin have most part of sediment production and shyrdushsang & hasanjun are the least part.

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