Petroleum resources management in Norway

Category Petroleum Geology
Group GSI.IR
Location International Geological Congress,oslo 2008
Author Nyland, Bente
Holding Date 03 September 2008

The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate pursues part of its role in National Petroleum Resource Management based upon a comprehensive classification system and a coherent reporting system. The NPD petroleum classification system has been developed in cooperation with the petroleum industry and is based on maturity of project aimed to recover the quantities. The project concept, recently acknowledged as basis for the SPE PRMS and integrated part of the UN Framework Classification (UNFC), forms a link between the different types of data and information concerning the petroleum quantities. Annual reporting to the NPD by the operating companies, including reserves, contingent and prospective resources, production, costs, investments, discharges, etc, is based upon classification of petroleum quantities by project maturity. This results in a consistent dataset for all the different data types.
The reported data form basis for annual data sets reflecting the evolution of the different projects from one year to the next. Vintages of data sets are basis for various analyses, like area status, activity projections. The NPD also carry out assessments of yet-to-find resources by applying a play model method. Input to the analyses is based upon information from fields, discoveries and prospects. The NPD make forecasts for the total production including undiscovered resources, investments and operating costs by analyzing and adjusting the reported data. Adjustments address capacity issues and delayed implementation of planned projects.
The forecasts are important input to the Government’s macroeconomic planning and also in connection with the National Budget process. Forecast for environmental data like discharges to water and emissions to air are becoming increasingly important. They form basis for analyses supporting the Government’s policies on environmental issues.