Vladimir Alexandrovich Rusanov - famous investigator of Arctics

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Group GSI.IR
Location International Geological Congress,oslo 2008
Author Ivanova, Tatiana
Holding Date 03 September 2008

Investigation of severe and inaccessible Polar lands is connected to the names of brave and purposeful native and foreign travelers - navigators, scientists. Worthy place among this brilliant Pleiade belongs to the russian geologist V.A.Rusanov (1875 - 1913).
V. Rusanov was born November, 3, 1875 in a merchant family in Orel. He graduated theological seminary in 1897. The future scientist took part in revolutionary activity and was exiled on two years. In 1903 he emigrated to France and graduated Paris university (1907).
In 1907, V.A. Rusanov returned to Russia. In 1907-1913 he took part in scientific expeditions to Novaya Zemlya ( 1907, 1908, 1909, 1910,1911) and Spitsbergen (1912).
1907. V.A. Rusanov first arrived to Novaya Zemlya and sailed to Matochkin shar strait. The scientific purpose of this geological expedition was to collect materials for Doctor’s degree.
1908. V.A. Rusanov took part in the work of a French expedition and arrived to Novaya Zemlya once again. This time V. Rusanov first crossed northern island of Novaya Zemlya from Neznaemya bay to Krestovaya mounth in history of this area. 1909. The scientist investigated western coasts of Novaya Zemlya from Krestovaya mouth to peninsula Admiralteistva. He realized the numerous routes inland. Investigations have been very successful. Coal, marble, diabaz and other minerals were founded within the island.
1910. V.A. Rusanov became the head of the vessel "Dmitrii Solunski". The purpose of this voyage was to round Novaya Zemlya from the north. Conditions of the voyage in 1910 have occurred to be exclusively hard and dangerous. The vessel "Dmitrii Solunski" made the round of the whole northern island of Novaya Zemlya passing 500km in the waters of the Kara Sea. This voyage made by the Russian vessel has brought Rusanov deserved honor.
Results of the expedition enlarged the knowledge about Novaya Zemlya and hydrogeological regime of the waters surrounding it.
1911 V.A. Rusanov on the vessel "Polarnaya" made the round around whole southern island of Novaya Zemlya. Hydrografical and meteorological investigations have been fulfilled.
V.A. Rusanov collectivized results of expeditions to Novaya Zemlya in scientific reports and articles. In article "About Silurian of Novaya Zemlya" scientist made an important withdrawal on connection between Ledovity Ocean and disappeared Sea of Central Europe at the end of Upper Silurian. Besides, he made important results on the role and time of distribution of some Devonian fauna in Polar regions.
1912. This year was tragic for the investigator. He arrived on the vessel "Gerkules" to Spitsbergen to investigate coal-bearing regions. After this work he made the route around cape "Jelanie" to the east and disappeared. Only in 1934 near island Veisel a pillar made of fins with the inscription "Gercules. 1913" has been found out.
The name of Rusanov has been given to the bay, peninsula on Novaya Zemlya, glacier on Northern Zemlya and a mountain in Antarctics.