Mineralogical study of around Sarayan city bentonite reserves and assessment of their industrial applications - southern khorasan province - east of Iran

Category Mineral processing
Group GSI.IR
Location International Geological Congress,oslo 2008
Author Elahpour, Esmail
Holding Date 03 September 2008

Sarayan city is located in southern khorasan province and the geographical situation of it,s centre is N33/52 - E58/37. According to results of this research, we have 9 mine and bentonitic index around this city: Chah Kashmir, Chah taleb, Hosamieh, Dust abad, Maaleki, Chah hossein, Chah golestan, Haos e hafez and Bostaq.
Based on geological foundations, the area is located in Lut unit, that Eo - Oligocene, lower Neogene and accompanied extraordinary volumes of Pyroclastic rocks formed it,s remarkable geological formations.Genesis of ore materials based on eruption and deposition of volcanic ashes in sedimentary environments with alkaline nature. Sometimes we have seen segments of original rock that thay indicate alteration and changing to clay collections phenomenas. This evidences show that hydrothermal solutions influenced on volcanic rocks and thay have facilitated Bentonite forming processes.
Although Montmorillonite is main mineral of Bentonites, but in some cases Sucu Chah Kashmir Beidellite is the main and index mineral. XRD and XRF analysis show that Sarayan Bentonites have Sodic nature, and according to this subject we can use from these materials in applications such as drilling mud production, foundry, Iron pelletizing, environmental and civil engineering applications.
Key words: Sarayan - Bentonite - Volcanic - Montmorillonite - Beidellite