The oil/gas boiling inclusion and its geological significance

Category Tectonic & Seismotectonic
Group GSI.IR
Location International Geological Congress,oslo 2008
Author Xie, Guang Cheng۱; Zheng, Zhong Wen۲; Li, Rong Xi۱; Dong, Hao Nan۲; Bai, Kai Yin۱
Holding Date 17 September 2008

A core sample with shear fractures filled by calcite was collected from Chang 8 oilbed at 750m underground of well Ying16 in Yingwang Oil field, Ordos Basin in Central China.

Multiple times oil/gas boiling inclusions were found from the calcite filled in shear fractures of the core sample. It is shown that oil/gas boiling inclusions, distributed along the crystal growth line, were records of alternate of stress fields of shear and tensile of Ordos Basin during modern geologic times.

Lighter oil substance and calcareous together with other fluid entranced into fractures when shear fractures were tensed by tectonic pulsation. Oil/gas boiling inclusions were formed when calcareous substance became calcite. Oil and other fluid located in the fractures were expelled to return to original area or to somewhere when shear fractures were compressed by tectonic pulsation. This process, repeated over and over, is the geologic model of seismic pump. The discovery and research were crucial for tectonic dynamics and oil/gas reservoir formation as well as fluid mineralization.