3.5 Ga of lithosphere evolution in Europe: Insights from multidisciplinary geophysical studies

Category Geophysic
Group GSI.IR
Location International Geological Congress,oslo 2008
Author Artemieva, Irina۱; Thybo, Hans۱; Kaban, Mikhail۲
Holding Date 20 September 2008

We present a summary of geophysical models of the subcrustal lithosphere for the entire Europe. It shows a strong compositional and structural heterogeneity of the European lithosphere and is illustrated by a set of maps and lithosphere-scale profiles for the entire continent. The maps show regional and large-scale P- and S-wave seismic tomography models for the upper 250 km of the European lithosphere; a map of lithospheric thickness; variations in lithospheric temperatures in the upper 250 km of the European lithosphere; Vp to Vs ratio at three depths in the mantle (100 km, 150 km and 200 km); density variations in the lithospheric mantle as constrained by mantle residual gravity anomalies, lithospheric buoyancy and surface topography. Three profiles down to a 250 km depth and crossing the European continent from N to S and from E to W summarise all available geophysical data on the lithospheric structure of Europe and illustrate major tectonic processes over the past 3.5 Ga as reflected in its lithospheric structure. (Artemieva, Thybo, Kaban, Geol. Soc. London Sp. Publ., 2006, v. 32, 11-41).