The problem of creation of Network National geoparks in Ukraine

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Group GSI.IR
Location International Geological Congress,oslo 2008
Author Manyuk, Volodymyr
Holding Date 21 September 2008

The territory of Ukraine is characterized by an extremely varied geological structure. Ukraine’s territory covering 603,700km2 includes the complete range of stratigraphic scale and almost all types of large geological structures. The fragments form almost all stratigraphic subdivisions in perfect outcrops in river valleys, on the Ukrainian crystal shield and in folded structures of the Crimea, the Carpathians and the Donbass. Structural-tectonic features of the territory give the character of geological development extreme richness and a varied mineral resource base of Ukraine. All this creates the necessary preconditions for the preservation of the most valuable fragments of the unique geological heritage of Ukraine.
From the moment of the creation in 1988 of the European Association for the Conservation of the Geological Heritage (ProGEO), Ukrainian geologists have actively participated in the activity of ProGEO. Ukraine in 1993 became a participant of the ProGEO and entered into the structure of the Central European group. The representatives of the Ukrainian group of ProGEO are engaged in discovering, describing and creating a database of the geological monuments of Ukraine, developing methodological bases for estimation of objects of geoheritage, participating in the international project GEOSITES, studying opportunities for tourist use of geosites.
After the completion in 2004 of a tentative evaluation of objects of the geological heritage of Ukraine and the establishment of their nature protection status, and also in connection with the founding in 2000 by some European countries of the European Network of Geoparks (EGN), the connection of Ukraine to EGN became clearer and more logical.
It has become an obvious, that the legislative base for the creation in Ukraine of National Geoparks is not developed and it is impossible to count on fast success in achieving the final aims. However, a more real is task may be revealing, the all-round scientific characteristics and possibly making a more complete estimation of major territorial objects of geological heritage as potential national geoparks on both state and international levels. The list of candidates for the role of potential national geoparks includes 25 territories. Holistic management is proposed for all the planned Ukrainian geoparks, just as already exists for geosites which now are parts of nature reserves. As biodiversity is part of geodiversity, so also rocks and minerals, fossils and cultural heritage must be conserved in geoparks. Every geopark has excellent preconditions for organization of tourism with the aim of popularising and conducting of educational and research programs. Effective action of geoparks can be possible under the condition of development, promotion and sustainment of effective working relations with local, regional, national and international bodies with direct and indirect interest in geoconservation.

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