Zeolite carriers as an algorithm of biological system formation

Category Mineral processing
Group GSI.IR
Location International Geological Congress,oslo 2008
Author Kotova, Olga
Holding Date 27 September 2008

At present, zeolites are the elements of lithosphere that have been studied most of all. However, having conducted our researches, we found out new peculiarities of this unique mineral.
The analcime processing of special types leads to defect formation due to the elimination of Al3+ ions. However, it’s quite complicated due to the carcass spacial peculiarities. At the same time, an uncompensated charge appears. As a result of it, the balance between electronic and hole centres is shifted. Varying the characteristics of thermal processing, it’s possible to create the deficit of electronic (or hole) centres, which opens up great perspectives in analcime nanostructural element directed modification. The presence of the centres mentioned above contributes to the formation of nanoelectronic structures on analcime surfaces. Let us present analcime as oxide minerals of aluminium, natrium, and silica. Among all the mineral supporters for chemical modification in biological systems, aluminium oxide takes the second place after silica. The second place is considered to be connected with a smaller variability of pore and specific surface sizes and also with the presence of active centres, which lead to different uncontrolled transformations of organic and element — organic modifiers, on the surface of Al2O3.
Thus, the suggested research field opens up opportunities of definition and management of biomineral system nanostructure formation mechanisms.