Application of quartz in the Ferro-Silicon and silicon metal industry

Group GSI.IR
Location International Geological Congress,oslo 2008
Author Brenden-Veisal, Trond
Holding Date 27 September 2008

Three main quartz types are applied in the production of Ferro-Silicon and Silicon Metal in Elkem. Quartzite is applied in the production of Ferro-Silicon and some Silicon Metal products. 60 % of the quartz volume applied in production of Silicon metal is gravel quartz and 40 % is hydrothermal vein quartz. Solar Grade Silicon Metall is produced applying entirely hydrothermal vein quartz.
The quartz raw material selection is based on main and trace element requirements of the different Ferro-Alloy- and Silicon Metal products, and physical parameters such as Sizing, Mechanical Strength and Thermal Strength Index. These physical parameters are mainly dependent on deformational strain, metamorphic grade and content of fluid inclusions.