Northern Europe Geochemistry (NEG) - a metadata-base for 21 international and national regional geochemical databases

Category Geochemistry
Group GSI.IR
Location International Geological Congress,oslo 2008
Author Salminen, Reijo۱; Chekushin, Victor۲; Bogatyrev, Igor۲; Gilucis, Aivars۳; Glavatskikh, Sergey Petrovits۴; Golovin, Arkadi۵; Gregorauskiene, Virgilija۶; Mنkinen, Jari۱; Petersell, Valter۷; Lax, Kaj۸; Reimann, Clemens۹; Selenok, Lubov۲; Tomilina, Olga۲
Holding Date 28 September 2008

A metadata-base including information about 23 international and national regional geochemical mapping projects was created in the first phase of the project. The project area NW-part of Russia, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The projects which until now are described in the metadata-base include data from altogether 59 338 sampling sites. Sampling materials vary from project to project representing surficial deposits such as minerogenic and organic soils, minerogenic and organic stream sediments, stream waters, and terrestrial mosses. Analytical data from more than 100 000 samples include determinations for more than 50 parameters such as heavy metals, major and trace elements, pH, and EC.
The data from separate projects was normalized and processed for single element anomaly maps. A map of ore related geochemical anomalies and an Ecogeochemical map covering the whole project area at the 1:5 000 000 scale and based on all data are presented. The map of ore related geochemical anomalies include 17 anomalous geochemical fields (AGF) showing metallogenic zones and 130 AGFs showing metallogenic districts connected with different ore formation types. The ecogeochemical map divides the whole project area to four different categories of contamination.
The metadata-base is access based and an internet application is now available on Additionally, a geochemical atlas including geochemical maps based on combined data, and some background information will be published.


tags: Regionalgeochemistry databases geochemicalmaps surficialdeposits geochemistry