Petrological atlas of fossil organic matter of Russia

Category Petroleum Geology
Group GSI.IR
Location International Geological Congress,oslo 2008
Author Vyalov, Vladimir; Petrov, Oleg; Volkova, Idea; Belenitskaya, Galina
Holding Date 29 September 2008

SPb. Press: 2006, 604 p, Il. 45, Table 101, Appl. 3, Plates 163, Ref. 276.
The Atlas characterizes all variety of Russian coals in a wide age range from the Devonian up to the Neogene, and also the petrological features of oil shale and DOM of sedimentary rocks are considered.
The Atlas is devoted to the geological aspects of caustobioliths distribution; it contains the data on coal bearing, oil and gas bearing, oil shale bearing basins and their resources, describes the types of fossil organic matter, their composition and concentration, as well as methods of caustobiolites and DOM of rocks studies.
The Atlas contains data on petrography of brown and bituminous coals, anthracites and oil shales of the Paleozoic, Mesozoic and Cenozoic, information on petrography and metaanthracites, coal graphites and shungites. Applied questions of coal petrography are considered including petrology of DOM of rocks of oil-and-gas bearing and other sedimentary formations.
Graphic Appendix 1-3 to the Atlas - the Map of Coal Presence, Quality and Resources of Coals in Russia, the Map of Oil-Gas-bearing of the Russian Federation territory on the lithogeodynamical principle, and the Map of Fuel and Energy Resources of Russia (all the Maps - scale 1:10,000,000).
The Atlas is a manual for scientific, industrial and educational organizations.
In Russian. Introduction, summary and explanations for the photo plates are also in English.