Recent geothermal activities and developments in Turkey and 2013 projections

Category Petrology
Group GSI.IR
Location International Geological Congress,oslo 2008
Author Mertoglu, Orhan; Bakir, Nilgun; Kaya, Tevfik
Holding Date 04 October 2008

Turkey is the fifth country in the World in existing geothermal direct use applications. In terms of total geothermal potential, it is the 7th country in the world. Most of the development is achieved in geothermal direct-use applications with 117,000 residences equivalence geothermal heating (983 MWt) including district heating, thermal facilities and over 1 million m2 geothermal greenhouse heating. Geothermal water is used in 215 spas for balneological purposes (402 MWt). Engineering design of more than 310,000 residences equivalence geothermal district heating has been completed. By summing up all these geothermal utilizations, the geothermal direct use installed capacity is 1385 MWt by January 2008 in Turkey. The electricity generation has been reached 30 MWe with the addition of Aydin-Salavatli binary cycle geothermal power plant of 10 MWe install capacity to the existing Kizildere geothermal power plant.
According to the Geothermal Working Group Report of Turkey’s 9th (2007-2013 period) Development Plan of Prime Ministry State Planning Organisation (DPT-SPO), the geothermal potential for electricity production according to todays commercial conditions is 550 MWe by the year 2013 (this value is estimated as 2000 MWe (16 Billion kWh/year) in case of governmental support (ecologically driven as green power and high buying price according to EC Resolution (15 Eurocent/kWh)) could be received (like incentive). Moreover, the geothermal heating (residences, thermal facilities etc.) 2013 projection has been estimated as 4000 MWt (500.000 residences equivalence), the thermal tourism (balneological) applications as 1100 MWt (400 thermal facilities equivalence), geothermal greenhouses as 1700 MWt (5.000.000 m2), geothermal cooling as 300 MWt (50.000 residences equivalence air-conditioning), geothermal drying as 500 MWt (500.000 ton/year), geothermal fish farming and other utilizations as 400 MWt. By summing up these geothermal utilization capacities the geothermal direct use capacity projected for the year 2013 is 8000 MWt (35.040.000 MWth/year).
The total investment required to reach the 2013 goals for geothermal electricity production, district heating (houses, thermal facilities etc.), greenhouse heating, thermal tourism, drying, cooling is 3,25 Billion USD. But, the economic activity created would be 16 Billion USD by reaching the 2013 goals.