Geological ontology model in Korea

Category Other
Group GSI.IR
Location International Geological Congress,oslo 2008
Author Hwang, Jaehong; Chi, Kwanghoon
Holding Date 04 October 2008

Most of the Geological Information System retrieves the information through spatiotemporal query using the spatiotemporal model, but it is not sufficient to the users. It is not the problem of the databases but the problem of the information itself without being structured systematically. In other words, we need the precise structurization of the data systematically. A solution of these problems is a research about the modeling technique of using the ontology to be extended to spatiotemporal area. In this thesis, we introduce the ontology concept to the spatiotemporal modeling technique of our research area, and then we propose the geological map spatiotemporal ontology model to improve the efficiency of the geological information system and the accuracy of the information retrieval.