Uranium potential and regional Metallogenic characteristics in China

Category Other
Group GSI.IR
Location International Geological Congress,oslo 2008
Author Zhang, Jindai۱; Li, Ziying۲
Holding Date 07 October 2008

This paper is briefly involved in classification and distributions of China’s uranium metallogenic type, provinces, regions and belts. Based on host rocks, uranium deposits can be classified into granite type , volcanic type, sandstone-type, carbonaceous ¨C siliceous ¨C pelitic rock type, magmatic type and other types, in which the former four types make up more than 90% of the whole uranium resources in China. Uranium deposits discovered in China are mainly located in five uranium metallogenic provinces, three regions, closely related to geotectonic backgrounds. Eight target regions have been pointed out to be worthy prospecting uranium resources. Generally speaking, exploration degree for uranium resources is relatively lower, there are favorable conditions for uranium mineralization and good perspective to explore for uranium resources in China. The regional uranium metallogenic characteristics have been discussed and great uranium potential pointed out from many aspects, £¨1£©Good resource potential in the depth.£¨2£©Great potential in the areas with low or blank exploration degree. £¨3£©Economic evaluation of deposits with time. £¨4£©Potential of non-conventional uranium resource.