Classification of rifted sedimentary basins according to their structural genesis and evolutionary history

Category Petroleum Geology
Group GSI.IR
Location International Geological Congress,oslo 2008
Author Corver, Maarten; Doust, Harry; Cloetingh, Sierd
Holding Date 07 October 2008

We develop the concept that sedimentary basins can be classified according to their structural genesis and evolutionary history. Basins can be classified according to "basin building blocks" they contain. This building block approach helps to understand the basin evolution and allows a comparison of basins. The building blocks for basin history are (1) basin-forming tectonics, (2) depositional cycles or sequences, and (3) basin-modifying tectonics. The concept presented here is designed to link common elements of petroleum systems and plays to natural stages in basin evolution. This improves the prediction of which plays could be expected to occur in a particular basin or region. This concept is constructed through several steps. These steps are (1) to identify standard evolution patterns related to geodynamic drivers, (2) to group basins with similar tectonostratigraphic evolution and (3) to relate basin trap types to basin history.