Geoscience Awareness and Training Centre (GATC) of the Geological Survey of Bangladesh: It’s objectives and action plans

Category Other
Group GSI.IR
Location International Geological Congress,oslo 2008
Author Akhtar, Afia
Holding Date 08 October 2008

With the ever-growing population, modern world has been facing a series of serious problems like energy crisis, shortage of mineral and groundwater resources; unhealthy environment; adverse impact of geo-hazards; soil infertility, unplanned urbanization, adverse climate change and air-water-land pollution. Concerned people are now aware that to cope with these burning issues, more attention should be given to acquire geoscience knowledge and its practical application as geoscience is directly related to mankind. Considering these, necessary steps should be taken to transfer knowledge of earth and earth system process to the public for ensuring sustainability, which is the prime goal of the "International Year of Planet Earth".
Geoscience organizations especially the national geological survey must come forward with affective action plans. Geological survey worldwide is a parent organization in the field of geoscience and it represents the geoscience community of a country. Therefore, it’s charter of duties are vast in comparison to other geoscience organizations. As per its charter of duties, the Geological Survey of Bangladesh (GSB) established a training cell "Geoscience Awareness and Training Centre" (GATC) to train and develop her manpower in the field of environmental geology, urban geology, natural hazard assessment, coastal geology, information technology and other fields related to societal issues to meet the challenge of the 21st century, The purpose of GATC are to develop human resources and to create awareness among the mass population of the country including school students along with their teachers about geosciences and its contribution to our life and society.
GATC already conducted some orientation courses for GSB’s personnels and a number of internship courses for geoscience M.Sc. students of the country on practical use of geoscience knowledge including field visits and how geoscience national organization, the GSB is contributing to the national development. For better performance of GATC, the following action plans have been taken for the target group - students, teachers and general people - a) Awareness programs will be conducted on basic knowledge of geoscience in a very simple and attractive ways round the year for student and teachers. b) Short field visit will be arranged to consolidate their knowledge which they got through indoor instruction; c) GSB’s Geoscience Museum will be upgraded for teaching purposes; d) Attractive leaflets and posters will be distributed to create awareness among the mass people; e) Field parties of the GSB will arrange popular talks on geoscience societal issues for the people of remote areas; f) GATC will prepare some documentary films and demonstrative programs as teaching materials.