Geoscience awareness: An imparative for human survival and welfare

Category Other
Group GSI.IR
Location International Geological Congress,oslo 2008
Author Hasan, Mohammad
Holding Date 08 October 2008

We want to live and live well — its an eternal desire for the human beings. The earth supplies all the necessities for us. Unfortunately, the supplies of necessities are not inexhaustible. The earth’s life support system has implication for our survival, welfare and protection, as well as the system have its limitations. In addition, our activities have impact on nature — jeopardizing our existence by causing deformation and pollution of the natural environment.
Geoscience deals with the Earth’s Life’s Support System which consists of the atmosphere, the hydrosphere, the lithosphere and the biosphere. For our survival and welfare, we depend on the contributions of the earth and its surroundings. We need air, which is the contribution of the atmosphere, we need water which is the contribution of the hydrosphere, and we need foods which are contributions of the soil - the lithosphere supported by the atmosphere and the hydrosphere. We need living animals, birds and plants — these are the contributions of the biosphere. Sources of clothes, housing materials, and ingredients of medicine are also the contributions of the earth — the nature.
We also need natural resources- fuel and non-fuel for our welfare. We need oil, gas and coal as energy sources for domestic, industrial and transportation uses. For development works, we also need industrial materials such as limestone for cement manufacturing, hard rock for construction works , clay for ceramics and glass sand for glass production. For our survival and welfare, we also need protection from adverse effect of natural hazards like cyclones, floods, river erosion, earthquakes, landslides and volcanic eruption. Population growth and consequently air-water-soil contamination, deforestation, shortage of food staff and mineral resources, climate change, sea level rises and many other things are posing as alarming concern for the human beings worldwide.
Studies and activities in geoscience help to understand the Earth System, its nature and behavior, and cuases of its deformation and pollution. Geoscience awareness of students, teachers, administrations, decision makers, politicians and general publics is therefore an urgent necessity for the survival and welfare of the mankind.