Communicating environmental geoscience - Australian communication pathways

Category Other
Group GSI.IR
Location International Geological Congress,oslo 2008
Author Simpson, Colin
Holding Date 11 October 2008

Effectively communicating the role of geoscience in environmental, sustainable development, and/or sustainable resource management issues is not a straightforward process. It requires different approaches depending on the audience being addressed. The audiences can be broadly classed as: scientists, governments, and the general public. The communication process is complicated further by the difficulty that geoscientists can have in identifying the appropriate communication pathways to use if their endeavours are to be successful. Such pathways are not generally taught during formal scientific education and as a consequence it may require considerable experience for individuals to understand the processes involved. The world wide web now makes that process much easier.
As an example of the types of understanding required this paper outlines the geoscience communication pathways that exist in Australia - with an emphasis on government pathways - for communication of geoscience both nationally and internationally. It is hoped that this Australian example may stimulate geoscientists in other countries to record and publish (in simplified formats) the appropriate pathways required for effective environmental geoscience communication in their country.