Geoscience for sustainable development in China

Category Other
Group GSI.IR
Location International Geological Congress,oslo 2008
Author Dr. Zhang , Hongtao; Jiang, Shijin
Holding Date 11 October 2008

Geoscience is indispensable to the nation’s economy and sustainable development. The development of geosciences is relied on to meet the demands of society and the public. Due to increase in world population, industrialization and urbanization, society is facing shortage of energy and mineral resources, increasing environment pollution, biological damage and threats of natural disaster. Sustainable development is the only way for national economic and social development.
Geoscience development should meet the needs of national strategy and society. The service concept of geological investigation and research should not only focus on investigation of resources, but also consider factors of resources development, environmental protection and disaster prevention. Satellite and remote sensing and geo-data capture technology greatly increase the efficiency and data quality of geological surveys. Faster and more efficient service of geoinformation can now be provided to the public and society through the internet/website.
The new strategy of geoscience in China is to carry out investigation of new offshore oil and gas and alternative energy, delineate reserves of energy and mineral resources, conduct agrogeology, urban geology and engineering geology, provide high quality geo-information to meet the needs of the different users, including government departments, and to promote innovation in geoscience. The aim of geological work in China is to guarantee the safety of national resources and ensure sustainable development, protect the environment, and improve quality of life for the people.