Risk Assessment of heavy metals due to exposure from soil and groundwater in asian countries

Category Other
Group GSI.IR
Location International Geological Congress,oslo 2008
Author Komai, Takeshi; Kawabe, Yoshishige; Takeuchi, Mio; Hara, Junko
Holding Date 11 October 2008

Health problems due to exposure of heavy metals, especially Arsenic and Lead compounds, are of great concern in many Asian countries. We have investigated some typical cases of health problems in Asian countries that have been caused by the intake of groundwater with As and other heavy metals. Exposure and risk assessment was conducted on the basis of environmental and geological survey in countries of Pakistan and Nepal. As the result we found the situations of extremely high risk level of As exposure from drinking water. Most cases have been occurred by natural sources of As from typical geological features, such as marine-origin sediments and volcanic activity. In this paper the characteristics of As existence in groundwater, the behavior of As leeching capability from soil and sediments were studies based on the monitoring data. For the mitigation of these health problems, the countermeasures for exposure control are also discussed to achieve safer and cost-effective situation in countries.