An illustrative example of the geo-pollution and the diagnostic standard for cleanup on the geo - pollution sites - In the case of VOCs such as PCE, TCE, etc-

Category Other
Group GSI.IR
Location International Geological Congress,oslo 2008
Author Nirei, Hisashi۱; Hiyakma, Tomoyo۲; Takashi, Kusuda۳; Furuno, Kunio۳
Holding Date 11 October 2008

The number of geo-pollution sites in Japan is estimated over several hundred thousands. Many sites have been investigated. Even if the sites have been characterized and remedied, it has not been publicly demonstrated how the decisions have been taken to reach the cleanup goal, under the environmental quality standards in Japan.
Usually, the diagnosis of cleanup on the sites has been done without the observance of its standard, which should be on the basis of the mechanical analysis of the geo-pollution, as well as under the official disclosure system.
This presentation will present an illustrative example of the pollution caused by VOCs such as PCE, TCE, etc and the diagnostic standard for cleanup on the pollution sites.