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Depleted mantle source of super-large rare metal deposits from the Kola Peninsula (first data on the Lu-Hf system)Kogarko, Lia۱; Lahaye, Y.۲; Brey, G.۲GSI.IRPetrologyInternational Geological Congress,oslo 2008
Cation-exchange in zeolite crystals: experimental study and geological implicationsLovskaya, EkaterinaGSI.IRPetrologyInternational Geological Congress,oslo 2008
Two mantle sources of kimberlite formationKostrovitsky, SergeyGSI.IRPetrologyInternational Geological Congress,oslo 2008
CO2 degassing and carbonate-silicate liquid immiscibility as alternative mechanisms of evolution of CO2-rich alkaline melts: Evidence from microinclusionsSolovova, Irina; Girnis, Andrei; Ryabchikov, IgorGSI.IRPetrologyInternational Geological Congress,oslo 2008
Geochemistry and mantle sources for Archean alkaline rocks from Greenland, the Baltic and Northern NorwayZozulya, Dmitry۱; Bayanova, Tamara۱; Eby, Nelson۲; Kullerud, Kare۳; Ravna, Erling۳GSI.IRPetrologyInternational Geological Congress,oslo 2008
Pyrochlore composition as a tool for magmatic reconstructionCostanzo, Alessandra۱; Joao Mateus Bambi, Aurora۲; Olimpio, Antonio۲; Joan Carles, Melgarejo i Draper۱GSI.IRPetrologyInternational Geological Congress,oslo 2008
Distribution and anatomy of the Kalkarindji large igneous provinceEvins, Lena Z.۱; Phillips, David۲; Jourdan, Fred۳; Blenkinsop, Tom۴GSI.IRPetrologyInternational Geological Congress,oslo 2008
Initiation of the Ferrar LIP, Antarctica: Multiple shallow level sill intrusions into wet sediments associated with hydroclastic eruptions with strombolian componentsViereck-Goette, Lothar۱; Abratis, Michael۱; Schoener, Robert۱; Elsner, Martin۱; Schneider, Joerg۲; Bomfleur, Benni۳GSI.IRPetrologyInternational Geological Congress,oslo 2008
Hydrothermal venting in volcanic basinsPlanke, Sverre۱; Svensen, Henrik۲; Mazzini, Adriano۲; Malthe-Sّrenssen, Anders۲; Jamtveit, Bjّrn۲GSI.IRPetrologyInternational Geological Congress,oslo 2008
Continental sills formation as an indicator of mantle plume manifestationFedoseev, GeliyGSI.IRPetrologyInternational Geological Congress,oslo 2008
Mantle xenoliths from intracratonic eastern Paraguay (south America latform) and andean domain: A comparisonComin-Chiaramonti, Piero۱; Lucassen, Friedrich۲; De Min, Angelo۱; B. Gomes, Celso۳GSI.IRPetrologyInternational Geological Congress,oslo 2008
Continental spinel-peridotites from northern Victoria Land (Antarctica): relationships between oxidation state of upper mantle and metasomatismPerinelli, Cristina۱; Andreozzi, Giovanni Battista۲; Armienti, Pietro۱; Conte, Aida Maria۳; Giuli, Gabriele۴; Eeckhout, Sigrid Griet۵GSI.IRPetrologyInternational Geological Congress,oslo 2008
Petrology of peridotite xenoliths from Calatrava (Spain): New insights on the genesis of Fe-rich mantle domainsBianchini, Gianluca۱; Beccaluva, Luigi۲; Bonadiman, Costanza۲; Pearson, Graham۳; Siena, Franca۲; Wilson, Marjorie۴GSI.IRPetrologyInternational Geological Congress,oslo 2008
The chlorine isotopic composition of mantle endmembersJohn, Timm۱; Layne, Graham D.۲; Haase, Karsten۳GSI.IRPetrologyInternational Geological Congress,oslo 2008
Advances in mantle geochronologyPearson, Norman۱; O’Reilly, Suzanne۱; Griffin, William۱; Alard, Olivier۲GSI.IRPetrologyInternational Geological Congress,oslo 2008
Metalliferous organic-rich black shales: Are exhalative hydrothermal processes fundamental to their genesis?Emsbo, PoulGSI.IRPetrologyInternational Geological Congress,oslo 2008
Molten Chagatai carbonatite as a growth medium for diamond and syngenetic silicate and carbonate minerals (experiment at 8.5 GPa)Spivak, Anna۱; Litvin, Yuriy۱; Divaev, Farid۲GSI.IRPetrologyInternational Geological Congress,oslo 2008
Magma compositions and genesis of the alkaline rocks and carbonatites from the Belaya Zima carbonatite complex (Eastern Sayan, Russia): Evidence from melt inclusionsAndreeva, Irina; Kovalenko, VyacheslavGSI.IRPetrologyInternational Geological Congress,oslo 2008
Formation conditions of graphite-bearing carbonatitesRyabchikov, Igor۱; Kogarko, Lia۲; Kryvdik, Stepan۳; Turkov, Viktor۲GSI.IRPetrologyInternational Geological Congress,oslo 2008
Development of a ’transient’ interfacial tension between carbonatite and silicate magmas: Results from numerical modellingValentini, Luca; Moore, KathrynGSI.IRPetrologyInternational Geological Congress,oslo 2008