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Estimation of conditional distributions for two variables using canonical correlation analysisAkcan, Elif; Tercan, A ErhanGSI.IROtherInternational Geological Congress,oslo 2008
EuCRUST-07 as a basis for a new model of the European lithosphereTesauro, Magdala۱; Kaban, Mikhail۱; Cloetingh, Sierd۲GSI.IROtherInternational Geological Congress,oslo 2008
european atlas of natural radiation including harmonized radon maps of the European UnionDe Cort, Marc; Dubois, Gregoire; Bossew, Peter; Tollefsen, ToreGSI.IROtherInternational Geological Congress,oslo 2008
European Geoparks : Earth heritage protection, Geotourism and Sustainable local developmentZouros, Nickolas۱; Mc Keever, Patrick۲GSI.IROtherInternational Geological Congress,oslo 2008
Evidence for a dynamic ice sheet in Antarctica and deep-sea warming on the Tasmanian Slope during the late early Miocene (19-16 Ma): Stable isotope and Mg/Ca records from ODP Leg 189 Site 1168Pekar, Stephen, F.; Syed, SabahGSI.IROtherInternational Geological Congress,oslo 2008
Evidence for compositionally zoned magma during crystallisation of some Norwegian layered intrusionsWilson, J. RichardGSI.IROtherInternational Geological Congress,oslo 2008
Evidence of Late Cainozoic Novements of the Zagros Salt Domes(not set)GSI.IROtherProceed ings of Symposium on DIAPIRISM
Evidences of the oceanic anoxic event (OAE2) in northern south america from planktonic foraminifera recordMantilla Muٌoz, Oswaldo۱; Pulido Taborda, Mauricio Alejandro۲GSI.IROtherInternational Geological Congress,oslo 2008
Evolution characteristics of Quaternary tectonic stress field in the north and east margin of Qinghai-Tibet PlateauXie, Furen; Zhang, Shimin; Dou, Suqin; Cui, Xiaofeng; Shu, SaibingGSI.IROtherInternational Geological Congress,oslo 2008
Evolution of coccolithophores: Tiny algae tell big talesHenderiks, Jorijntje۱; Rickaby, Rosalind E.M.۲GSI.IROtherInternational Geological Congress,oslo 2008
Example of resource assessment in StatoilHydro, a case study from the Møre Basin Norwegian SeaNilsson, Silje; Aasum, Linda Beate; Kristensen, Jon B.; Eliassen, Per Emil; Helsem, AndreasGSI.IROtherInternational Geological Congress,oslo 2008
Experiences of the BGS in capacity building and development projectsOvadia, DavidGSI.IROtherInternational Geological Congress,oslo 2008
Experiment and modeling on the heat transfer of U-vertical ground coupled heat exchangerLei, Haiyan; Zhu, NengGSI.IROtherInternational Geological Congress,oslo 2008
Experimental and numerical investigation of faulting mechanism in a ring shear deviceSkurtveit, Elin; Cuisiat, Fabrice; Huynh, KhoaGSI.IROtherInternational Geological Congress,oslo 2008
Experimental Modelling of Role of Gravity and Lateral Shortening in Zagros Mountain Belt(not set)GSI.IROtherProceed ings of Symposium on DIAPIRISM
Exploiting the power of the OGC observation and measurement standard to rapidly develop interoperability in the earth sciences and beyondWyborn, Lesley A I۱; Cox, Simon J D۲GSI.IROtherInternational Geological Congress,oslo 2008
Exploring CO2 geological storage and geothermal productivity benefits from EGS application in the Paris Basin saline aquifer: A numerical approachAudigane, Pascal۱; Azaroual, Mohamed۱; Gherardi, Fabrizio۲GSI.IROtherInternational Geological Congress,oslo 2008
Exploring Mars at sub-meter scales with MRO/HiRISEMcEwen, AlfredGSI.IROtherInternational Geological Congress,oslo 2008
Expressions of Neoproterozoic icehouse earth in the Arabian-Nubian shieldMiller, NathanGSI.IROtherInternational Geological Congress,oslo 2008
Extension of the Continental Shelf around Greenland: Status after the first five years of planning and data acquisitionMarcussen, ChristianGSI.IROtherInternational Geological Congress,oslo 2008