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Assessing the long-term performance of the In Salah C02 storage siteRingrose, Philip; Iding, MartinGSI.IROtherInternational Geological Congress,oslo 2008
Assessing natural climate variability during the past 10,000 years from stalagmite recordsMangini, AugustoGSI.IREnvironmetal GeologyInternational Geological Congress,oslo 2008
Assembly of the Sao Francisco-Congo paleocontinent: New SHRIMP U-Pb data from the eastern Brazilian marginDa Silva, Luiz۱; Pedrosa Soares, Antonio Carlos۲; Noce, Carlos Maurیcio۲; Delgado, Inacio Medeiros۱; Armstrong, Richard۳; McNaughton, Neal Jesse۴GSI.IRPetrologyInternational Geological Congress,oslo 2008
Assembling the laurentian craton: The age of a terrane boundary in the Lewisian Gneiss Complex at Loch LaxfordGoodenough, Kathryn۱; Crowley, Quentin۲; Krabbendam, Maarten۱GSI.IRPaleontology and StratigraphyInternational Geological Congress,oslo 2008
Arsenic in bedrock groundwater in the Pirkanmaa region of FinlandBackman, Birgitta۱; Luoma, Samrit۱; Ruskeeniemi, Timo۱; Karttunen, Virpi۲GSI.IROtherInternational Geological Congress,oslo 2008
Areal exploitation of groundwater in coastal dunesCarretero, Silvina۱; Kruse, Eduardo۲GSI.IRHydrogeologyInternational Geological Congress,oslo 2008
Are epicontinental rift sedimentary basins fertile tectonic environments for gold? reflections on the north-central Nevada gold provinceEmsbo, Poul۱; Scott, Robert۲; Bull, Stuart۲GSI.IRTectonic & SeismotectonicInternational Geological Congress,oslo 2008
Arctic forests and climate in the Eocene greenhouse world 50 million years ago: Results from WUN pACE teamFrancis, Jane; Poulter, JonathanGSI.IRClimate systemInternational Geological Congress,oslo 2008
Arctic early Paleogene environments with special emphasis on the Paleocene-Eocene thermal maximum: A dinoflagellate and biomarker perspectiveSluijs, Appy۱; Roehl, Ursula۲; Schouten, Stefan۳; Brinkhuis, Henk۱; Sangiorgi, Francesca۱; ACEX & WUN-pACE Science Partie, The۴GSI.IRClimate systemInternational Geological Congress,oslo 2008
Archaeoseismological investigation of the ancient Ayla site in the city of Aqaba, JordanAl-Tarazi, EidGSI.IRTectonic & SeismotectonicInternational Geological Congress,oslo 2008
Arc-related basins of the Neoproterozoic Araçuaí orogen, SE BrazilPedrosa-Soares, Antonio Carlos۱; Silva, Luiz Carlos۲; Cordani, Umberto۳; Noce, Carlos۱; Martins-Neto, Marcelo۴; Lima, Sirlene۵; Vieira, Valter۲GSI.IROtherInternational Geological Congress,oslo 2008
Aptian-Albian cyclic oceanic red beds in the ODP Hole 1049C, North AtlanticHu, XiumianGSI.IRClimate systemInternational Geological Congress,oslo 2008
Approbation of new Russian classification of oil and gas reserves and resourcesGert, A.A.; Volkova, Kseniya; Melnikov, Pavel; Zhukov, KonstantinGSI.IROtherInternational Geological Congress,oslo 2008
Approaches to the integration of digital geological information, obtained from the different sourcesFlorenskiy, Kirill۱; Egorova, Irina۲; Stavskiy, Analoly۲GSI.IROtherInternational Geological Congress,oslo 2008
Application of quartz in the Ferro-Silicon and silicon metal industryBrenden-Veisal, TrondGSI.IR(not set)International Geological Congress,oslo 2008
Application of Pb isotopic geochemical mapping to establishment of environmental background and pollution sourcesChang, Xiangyang۱; Zhu, Bingquan۲; Tu, Xianglin۲GSI.IREnvironmetal GeologyInternational Geological Congress,oslo 2008
Application of multi-fractal filtering to extract Cu, Ni, AuaAnomalies of the East Tianshan Ore-forming Belt, North-western ChinaHuang, Jingning۱; Liu, Hongguang۲; Zhao, Pengda۱GSI.IROtherInternational Geological Congress,oslo 2008
Application of mathematical morphology of landscape for studying thermokarst processesKapralova, VeronikaGSI.IRGeomorphologyInternational Geological Congress,oslo 2008
Application of fluid inclusions in petroleum explorations on triassic formations in SyriaBilal, AhmadGSI.IRSedimentologyInternational Geological Congress,oslo 2008
Application of cathodoluminescence and trace element analysis of quartz for understanding ore forming process of the Asachinskoe epithermal gold depositTakahashi, Ryohei۱; Muller, Axel۲; Van den Kerkhof, Alfons۳; Kronz, Andreas۳; Okrugin, Victor۴; Matsueda, Hiroharu۱GSI.IRMineral processingInternational Geological Congress,oslo 2008