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Water molecular spectra of NaCl aqueous solutions at high temperatures and pressuresZhang, Ronghua; Hu, Shumin; Zhang, XuetongGSI.IRPetrologyInternational Geological Congress,oslo 2008
Novel high temperature and pressure chemical sensor assemblage for investigation on deep sea and mid-ocean-ridgeZhang, Ronghua; Zhang, Xuetong; Hu, ShuminGSI.IR(not set)International Geological Congress,oslo 2008
Omnibus weights of evidence method implemented in GeoDAS GIS for information extraction and integration for predictionZhang, Shengyuan۱; Cheng, Qiuming۲GSI.IRGIS & Remote sensingInternational Geological Congress,oslo 2008
Stepwise landforms and Quaternary episodic uplifts of mountains around Xinding basin, Fenwei graben system, north ChinaZhang, ShiminGSI.IRGeomorphologyInternational Geological Congress,oslo 2008
Where does the subducted Indian mantle lithosphere go beneath the Tibetan plateau?Zhang, Siqi; Shi, YaolinGSI.IRTectonic & SeismotectonicInternational Geological Congress,oslo 2008
Experimental study of dissolution rates of silicate minerals in water up to 435 ° C at pressures of 23 to 33MPaZhang, Xuetong; Zhang, Ronghua; Hu, ShuminGSI.IRPetrologyInternational Geological Congress,oslo 2008
40Ar/39Ar Ages of the metamorphic rocks and basalts in E،¯rou area of Shuanghu, northern Xizang and its significanceZhang, Yuxun۱; Wang, Liquan۲; Pan, Guitang۲; Zhu, Dicheng۲GSI.IRPetrologyInternational Geological Congress,oslo 2008
PALMORC project: simulation of late Jurassic climateZhang, Zhongshi; Flatoy, Frode; Bentsen, MatsGSI.IROtherInternational Geological Congress,oslo 2008
Tectonic framework of late Paleozoic and the correspondent poly-metallic mineralization in the northern Xinjiang western Tianshan Mts., NW ChinaZhang, Zuoheng۱; Wang, Zhiliang۱; Zuo, Guochao۲; Liu, Min۱GSI.IRTectonic & SeismotectonicInternational Geological Congress,oslo 2008
Two collisional events recorded in the Jining complex, north China craton: evidence from SHRIMP U-Pb zircon geochronologyZhao, Guochun۱; Wilde, Simon A.۲GSI.IROtherInternational Geological Congress,oslo 2008
Regional changes of permafrost in Central AsiaZhao, LinGSI.IROtherInternational Geological Congress,oslo 2008
Quantitative Prediction and Assessment of Gold mineral Resource in Chifeng Region, ChinaZhao, PengdaGSI.IROtherInternational Geological Congress,oslo 2008
Plastic deformation enhanced metamorphic transformation, fluid release and diffusion mass transfer in HP-UHP shear zonesZhao, Zhong YanGSI.IRMineral processingInternational Geological Congress,oslo 2008
Geochemical evidence for plate-rift processes during assembly and breakup of Rodinia in South ChinaZheng, Yong-Fei; Wu, Rong-Xin; Zhang, Shao-BingGSI.IRTectonic & SeismotectonicInternational Geological Congress,oslo 2008
Statistical data and synthesize on Mesozoic magmatism of Gangdese Tibet, ChinaZhou, Su; Mo, Xuanxue; Zhao, Zhidan; Liu, CuiGSI.IRTectonic & SeismotectonicInternational Geological Congress,oslo 2008
Petrogenesis and mineralization of chert formation and SiO2-rich Hydrothermal fluids in south Tibet, (China)Zhou, Yongzhang۱; Fu, Wei۲; Yang, Zhijun۱; Nie, Fengjun۳; He, Junguo۱; Li, Wen۱; Zhao, Wenxia۱GSI.IROtherInternational Geological Congress,oslo 2008
Trilobite faunas across the late Ordovician mass extinction event in the Yangtze BlockZhou, Zhi Yi۱; Yuan, Wen Wei۱; Han, Nai Ren۲; Zhou, Zhi Qiang۳GSI.IRPaleontology and StratigraphyInternational Geological Congress,oslo 2008
Early Cretaceous biological radiation in northeastern China and its paleoenvironmental implicationsZhou, Zhonghe; Wang, XiaolinGSI.IRBiostratigraphyInternational Geological Congress,oslo 2008
An early Paleozoic high-pressure metamorphic belt established in western Junggar, Xinjiang (central Asia), NW ChinaZhu, Yongfeng۱; Chen, Bo۱; Massonne, Hans-Joachim۲; Xu, Xin۳GSI.IRTectonic & SeismotectonicInternational Geological Congress,oslo 2008
Global assessment of undiscovered mineral resources: Opportunities and challengesZientek, Michael LGSI.IR(not set)International Geological Congress,oslo 2008