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Monitoring of associated natural hazards in the underground hard coal minesW³adys³aw Mironowicz* - Stanis³aw WasilewskiGSI.IRMine20th WORLD MINING CONGRESS 2005
Sustainable development in practice of mine closureJan Palarski*GSI.IREconomic geology & mineral exploration20th WORLD MINING CONGRESS 2005
Maintenance schedule by using reliability analysis: A case study at Jajarm bauxite mine of IranJavad Barabady * -Uday KumarGSI.IRMine20th WORLD MINING CONGRESS 2005
Methane hydrates - Research for an efficient gas production processTuncel M. Yegulalp*-Marco Castaldi - Yue ZhouGSI.IRMine20th WORLD MINING CONGRESS 2005
Substantial aspects of the recycling of industrial wastes as backfilling material in salt minesHeiner Marx* -Dittmar Lack- Wolfgang KraukeGSI.IRMine20th WORLD MINING CONGRESS 2005
GIS and remote sensing as high-tech methods for the environmental monitoring in German hard coal miningEmanuel Grün*GSI.IRMine20th WORLD MINING CONGRESS 2005
Influence of the Romanian lignite deposit exploitation on the environmentDumitru Fodor* - Maria Lazar- Vasile PopGSI.IRMine20th WORLD MINING CONGRESS 2005
On the necessity to improve the functions and security of the ventilation systems of major importance underground structuresNicolae Ilia؛--Iosif Andras-- Dorin Adam--Sorin Radu-- Omar Lanchava --Roland Moraru --Livia AdamGSI.IRMine20th WORLD MINING CONGRESS 2005
An investigation into the environmental effect of blast induced vibrations in the limestone and schist quarries nearby the water supply reservoir of Catlca-Istanbul, TurkeyCengiz Kuzu `Erkin Nasuf Turker Hudaverdi*GSI.IRMine20th WORLD MINING CONGRESS 2005
Drill, blast practices to improve blasting efficiency at Murgul copper mineTurker Hudaverdi Cengiz KuzuGSI.IRMine20th WORLD MINING CONGRESS 2005
Accidents in mining industry in TurkeyGündüz ضkten* Abdullah Fi؛neGSI.IRMine20th WORLD MINING CONGRESS 2005
Development of computer models for design and economic analysis of lighting systems in surface minesM. Aruna N. C. Karmakar Y. V. RaoGSI.IRMine20th WORLD MINING CONGRESS 2005
Reclamation of mining degraded land filled with fly-ash in Jharia coalfield, India- a case studyBiswajit Paul*GSI.IRMine20th WORLD MINING CONGRESS 2005
Designing of waste dumps vis a vis land use planning for marble quarries in southern Rajasthan (India)S.S. Rathore * S.C. JainGSI.IRMine20th WORLD MINING CONGRESS 2005
Application of preventive and control measures to avoid occurrences of spontaneous heating in blasting gallery panel of Indian coal minesR. V. K. Singh* D. D. Tripathi V. K. SinghGSI.IRMine20th WORLD MINING CONGRESS 2005
Projection of the recultivation (restoration) of the quarries and open pit mining, methodologies of calculation of the main parametersJosé Enrique Pérez Gonzلlez*GSI.IRMine20th WORLD MINING CONGRESS 2005
Occupational exposure to crystalline silica dust and investigation of pulmonary injuries in Emarat surface mineSadegh Samadi* Badri sadate JonaidGSI.IRMine20th WORLD MINING CONGRESS 2005
Environmental hazards of lead mining: Duna lead mine; example of lead mining environmental pollution (north Iran)Mehdi Khodaparast * Massomeh AmidGSI.IRMine20th WORLD MINING CONGRESS 2005
Acid mine drainage at Sarcheshmeh copper mine and methods of its preventingH. Sahraei Parizi* M. R. Nikouei B. BabaeiGSI.IRMine20th WORLD MINING CONGRESS 2005
Restructuring of the Romanian mining industry for the economic European integrationDumitru Fodor* Gavril Baican Maria Lazar Vasile PopGSI.IRMine20th WORLD MINING CONGRESS 2005