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Occupational exposure to crystalline silica dust and investigation of pulmonary injuries in Emarat surface mineSadegh Samadi* Badri sadate JonaidGSI.IRMine20th WORLD MINING CONGRESS 2005
Environmental hazards of lead mining: Duna lead mine; example of lead mining environmental pollution (north Iran)Mehdi Khodaparast * Massomeh AmidGSI.IRMine20th WORLD MINING CONGRESS 2005
Acid mine drainage at Sarcheshmeh copper mine and methods of its preventingH. Sahraei Parizi* M. R. Nikouei B. BabaeiGSI.IRMine20th WORLD MINING CONGRESS 2005
Restructuring of the Romanian mining industry for the economic European integrationDumitru Fodor* Gavril Baican Maria Lazar Vasile PopGSI.IRMine20th WORLD MINING CONGRESS 2005
Systematization and choice of the flow sheets of small-scale depositsV. R. Rakhimov*, A.H. TuresebekovGSI.IREconomic geology & mineral exploration20th WORLD MINING CONGRESS 2005
Production scheduling estimator using reinforcement learningH. Askari-Nasab J. Szymanski*GSI.IRMine20th WORLD MINING CONGRESS 2005
Sustainable development indicators and mineral economy of Serbia and MontenegroDejan Milovanovic Rudolf A.Tomanec* Lajos SekeGSI.IRMine20th WORLD MINING CONGRESS 2005
The challenges and countermeasures faced by China،¯siron ore mining industryZoujian *GSI.IRMine20th WORLD MINING CONGRESS 2005
Design and implementation of an information system for world mineral commodity market(not set)GSI.IRMine20th WORLD MINING CONGRESS 2005
Sustainability in Lafarge and its realization in operations of Lafarge Perlmooser quarries in AustriaJohannes Daul * Wolfgang GraflGSI.IRMine20th WORLD MINING CONGRESS 2005
Recent trends in the world's minerals supplyL. Weber*GSI.IREconomic geology & mineral exploration20th WORLD MINING CONGRESS 2005
Accreditation of mining education programs as a basis for sustainable development, a necessity for mining education in IranMohammad Koneshloo* Mohammad Reza Neyestani Hossein AhmadzadehGSI.IRMine20th WORLD MINING CONGRESS 2005
Mining activities in the Slovak Republic - past, present and futureJuraj B. دurove* Peter بièmanec Ondrej ٹeڑevièka Jلn Foltیn Jلn HijjGSI.IRMine20th WORLD MINING CONGRESS 2005
The potential role of derivatives in mining commodities exchange market in IranMohammad Hossein Basiri*GSI.IRMine20th WORLD MINING CONGRESS 2005
An optimized model for evaluation of minesReza Molla Taheri Aziz Mirzaein Iraj Yousefi*GSI.IRMine20th WORLD MINING CONGRESS 2005
Mining investment insurance and its strategic role in the revival ofAmir Hallaji * Majid Vafaeifard Ghasem KalhorGSI.IRMine20th WORLD MINING CONGRESS 2005
Development of production concentration in the collieries restructuring process in the Katowicki Holding Węglowy S.A. – PolandStanis&#۳۲۲;aw Gajos*GSI.IRMine20th WORLD MINING CONGRESS 2005
Mine safety in the period of intensive changes in the Polish economyWojciech Bradecki -Jacek Bielawa*GSI.IRMine20th WORLD MINING CONGRESS 2005
Investment potential in mining sector in India: An evolving sceneC. P. Ambesh* Y. G. KaleGSI.IRMine20th WORLD MINING CONGRESS 2005
The main directions of the strategy of renewal of the technological potential of the Republic of Kazakhstan's mining complexS.Zh.Galiyev D.Sh.,Akhmedov Ye.A. Shabelnikov * K.K.ZhusupovGSI.IRMine20th WORLD MINING CONGRESS 2005