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Using Weighted Constraint Approach for Integration of Geodetic Control Networks(not set)GSI.IRGIS & Remote sensingGeomatics conference 85
Using Trace and Rare Earth Elements in Exploration of VMS Deposits in the Bavanat Area, NE of Shiraz(not set)GSI.IREngineering Geology23th symposium on geosciences
Using the Satellaite Images for hydrothermal alteration mapping in Mokhtaran area; a case study from ?ANARAN Silver_ Gold indication(not set)GSI.IRGIS & Remote sensing23th symposium on geosciences
Using the Optimum Wiener Filtering For Seismic Site Effect Assessment in Urban Areas(not set)GSI.IRTectonic & Seismotectonic4th internetional Conference on Seismology
Using the High Mobility of Palladium in Surface Media in Exploration for Platinum Group Element Deposits: Evidence from the Lac des Iles Region, Northwestern Ontario(not set)GSI.IREconomic geology & mineral explorationproceeding of economic geology journal 1997-2007
Using the fossil record to define natural biodiversity baselines in mammalsBarnosky, Anthony; Carrasco, MarcGSI.IRPaleontology and StratigraphyInternational Geological Congress,oslo 2008
Using the Crosta technique for hydrothermal alterationMapping in Southwest of Birjand area; a case study from Khoonic Gold indication(not set)GSI.IRGIS & Remote sensing21th symposium on geosciences
Using shear band foliations for determining shear sense,kinematics,shear strain and flow viscosity no. in shear zones(northwest of Orumieh).(not set)GSI.IRTectonic & Seismotectonic20th symposium on geosciences
Using plate tectonics to engage the public on the geology of national parksLillie, RobertGSI.IRTectonic & SeismotectonicInternational Geological Congress,oslo 2008
Using of the scattered waves for increase seismic image quality in fold-thrust areas of the Siberian platformSmirnov, Maxim Yu.; Kartashov, Alexey AGSI.IR(not set)International Geological Congress,oslo 2008
Using of PSIAC in Estimation Amounts of Erosion& Sedimentation of Shahid Kazemi Dam (Zarrinh Rood)(not set)GSI.IREngineering Geology21th symposium on geosciences
Using of Defoliant and Crosta Techniques for Detection Listvenitic Alteration Type Bearing Gold in Ophiolitic Melange of South khorasan(not set)GSI.IRGIS & Remote sensing21th symposium on geosciences
Using OCT location & continental extension predicted by gravity inversion to refine plate reconstruction models for the North Atlantic rifted marginsAlvey, Andy۱; Kusznir, Nick۱; Torsvik, Trond۲; Gaina, Carmen۲GSI.IRPetrologyInternational Geological Congress,oslo 2008
Using new statistical tools for Recognizing andEnhancement hydrothermal deposits in Tarum Area(not set)GSI.IRGIS & Remote sensing21th symposium on geosciences
Using mathematical model for management of aquifer quality & quantityH.Naseri-F.Mehdi pourGSI.IRHydrogeologyThe 25 Symposium of Geosciences
Using logistic Regreseon for Landslide Hazard Zonation(not set)GSI.IREngineering Geology23th symposium on geosciences
Using landsat TM images to provide the map of tectonic lineaments:an example of Orumieh lake western band(not set)GSI.IRGIS & Remote sensing20th symposium on geosciences
Using Index Overlay model in GIS for allocate location medical serving centers case study: mahabad city(not set)GSI.IRGIS & Remote sensingThe First Symposium Of Urban GIS
Using ground penetrating radar to determine accretion rates in the Trinity River delta, TexasSlattery, Michael۱; Todd, Lee۱; Phillips, Jonathan۲GSI.IRGeomorphologyInternational Geological Congress,oslo 2008
Using global data for establishing the outer limit, a plausible approachBurgos, ManuelGSI.IROtherInternational Geological Congress,oslo 2008