Auckland at risk of simultaneous volcanic eruptions

24 January 2007 | 04:57 Code : 12515 Geoscience events
The Auckland University results showed that the volcanoes of Puketutu.....

  At least five volcanoes in Auckland were born together and the city remains at risk of further simultaneous eruptions, according to a study released today.

The AucklandUniversity results showed that the volcanoes of Puketutu, Crater Hill, Wiri, Mt Richmond and Taylor Hill all erupted within 50 to 100 years of each other, possibly at the same time. The research further suggested that Auckland and some other major cities could be at risk of future simultaneous multiple eruptions, Dr John Cassidy, of the University's School of Geography, Geology and Environmental Science department, said. "This is the first evidence that multiple volcanic eruptions in such fields may have occurred at the same time and could have tremendous consequences for people living in these highly active areas." Dr Cassidy said several cities worldwide, including Honolulu and Mexico City, sat on volcanic fields. "Most hazard planning for population centres vulnerable to volcanic eruptions assumes a single eruption at any point in time, but this research shows that this is not necessarily the correct course of thinking." The research, funded by the Earthquake Commission, was carried out by studying volcanic rocks which have recorded unusual disturbances in the ancient Earth's magnetic field.

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