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29 April 2007 | 06:46 Code : 13535 Geoscience events
While it seems our Federal Triune Dictatorship is dedicated to making America a....

  While it seems our Federal Triune Dictatorship is dedicated to making America a nation of “underlings,” from the most ancient of times people have been drawn to the stars looking for answers to the meaning and purpose of life. Things leading to the story of the “Star of Bethlehem” are easily understood given the history of astronomy beginning with astrology, and astronomers of old understandably credited the stars for influencing the human condition so Shakespeare was comfortable in his assertion of “our stars” notwithstanding the era he was describing in the play, and even today the astrology of the ancients leading to modern astronomy enjoys credibility among many believers. And given so much seeming lunacy worldwide, some find comfort in believing the stars hold the answer.For those following the many astounding discoveries being made in astronomy the wonder of it all is enough to make one question how our tiny, infinitesimal speck in the cosmos could have the attention of any gods? But refusing to credit any basis of truth to the many myths and legends of antiquity is quite beyond me. And when I lower my gaze from the mysteries of the stars to the horizontal there are things on earth equally mysterious unless crediting influences quite supernatural if not extraterrestrial. Even as astronomers are attempting to solve the mysteries of the universe, their discoveries so far leading to more mysteries than answers, in just this way I’m willing to credit a “mystery of evil” a “spirit of iniquity” that has plagued humankind from the beginning as with the Genesis story. Yet, I also have to credit Shakespeare’s observation that many of the faults I see lie in ourselves, not the stars. And when I find us becoming underlings rather than the masters of our fate I look to humankind, not the stars, for answers.Six Muslims purposely make themselves targets of suspicion at an airport, alarming passengers and crew. Why? So they can expose racism and hatred of Muslims? Not hardly. They threaten to sue both the airline and passengers that reported them, and in doing so make anyone fearful of reporting suspicious activity for fear of being sued. This makes it easier for Muslim terrorists to infiltrate. Does it occur to the lawyers supporting the diabolical scheme of these Muslims that they endanger all of us and make a mockery of those saying something should have been done about the VT monster all the while lawyers are ready to pounce if any action is taken to prevent such monsters from carrying out their schemes against innocent and defenseless law-abiding people?

In just this same manner some Jews want the Menorah and Hanukah to share the same prominence and given equal status as Christmas Trees and Christmas, rid America of things like the Easter Bunny, schools using the phrases Christmas and Easter vacations, and public displays of the Decalogue or they will sue to get their way. The agenda of perverts, the various agendas of minorities demanding special status by fiat of laws, all making their demands by the bullying threats of lawyers often aided by the deep pockets of the ACLU using taxpayer money to sue We the People who are extorted to support this anti-American organization. And those pointing such things out are bullied by a few, forcing many conservatives to keep quiet or go along to get along.But the politicians and lawyers seemingly dedicated to the destruction of America are aided by an utterly shameless MSM and lesser media showing videos of the VT monster spewing out his venomous hatred and plaster the pictures of the monster all over the news channels, even the front pages of newspapers including my hometown paper, The Bakersfield Californian, all of which is certainly a form of perversion giving the monster the very notoriety it sought, thereby continuing to victimize its victims and grieving loved ones and friends over and over again. What I found surprising was so few in the media calling this monster a “gentleman” when so many of them have no trouble calling other murderers, rapists, and child molesters “gentlemen.”We are appalled by Muslim fanatics posting videos and pictures of beheadings, but our own media will glorify (and that is the correct word) a monster and call itself “civilized.” Then when the cry is raised against such a thing, some in the media will defend themselves by saying “But we aren’t glorifying this monster, we are only reporting the news.” But this is a lie. In fact, it is such an obvious lie that many of us have just cause to wonder if some monster were to make a video of beheading its victims here in America this would not be aired and the pictures posted in newspapers and magazines? After all, the precedent has been established by the media in its treatment of the VT monster. Who doubts the media is encouraging copycats wanting the same glorification.It is a lie when the purveyors of perversion, pornography, and violence in films and video games, in so-called “entertainment” and “children’s programming” say they share no responsibility for an increasingly violent America. It is a lie when politicians refusing to secure our borders say they share no responsibility for the increasing violence in America, even in our schools caused by the invasion of millions of illegal aliens from Mexico for the sake of slave labor and aiding drug cartels. It is a lie when our government tells us it has no responsibility for the poisoned foods coming from China and elsewhere. It is no wonder those like Rosie get a hearing for things like accusing our own government conspiring in 9/11 when outright lies including “I can’t recall” by government leaders and their toadies is a commonplace. There are just too many evidences of being lied to, there remains the Warren and 9/11 Commissions, things like the Clintons, Ruby Ridge and Waco, the outright lies of Bush and his cronies, the list of infamies against We the People goes on.Many of us are angry with the way we have been betrayed by our government, by the way the bias in the media skews things toward political correctness rather than the truth, by those that would disarm law-abiding Americans making us ever more vulnerable to criminals that suffer no constraint of laws, all the while knowing every citizen is in harm’s way and the police cannot be everywhere, that the courts cannot even protect witnesses to murder and too often grant criminals more rights than their victims.The nations of the world seem more intent on fomenting wars than peace, on increasing violence than scientific achievement, and so I find myself pondering the imponderables of things like singularities and other mysteries of the universe rather than trying to understand why our own leadership seems intent on destroying America. The answers may not lie in the stars, the faults in ourselves are obvious, but I have more hope in the stars providing answers than I do in world leaders including our own.Certainly an E.L.E. may occur, there are many threats to our world from outer space, but all the while realizing the fault of our own destruction should it come to that has a far greater probability within ourselves, not the stars. If the MSM, if Hollywood, our politicians and judges, the ACLU, NAACP, La Raza, “Press one for English” and open borders, the glorification of VT monsters is really a reflection of what We the People want then we have only ourselves to blame for the resulting destruction of America, having become underlings and the architects of our own destruction rather than the fault to be found in the stars.

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